January 31, 2011

Happy Dance

Mondays are ALWAYS hard for me, I do hate them. I shouldn't because they didn't do anything for me, when I was googling an image for "grumpy monday" I saw this and it ACTUALLY brightened my Monday a tad bit...

January 12, 2011

Wednesday Happy Thoughts!

Hope everyone's Wednesday is Wickedly Awesome!

January 11, 2011

This is so true!

It's almost like the saying "owners start looking like their pets" ... okay, just a little... maybe LOL

Have a great day!

January 09, 2011

My daily dose

I love to google images of positivity, the smallest things touch me. If it is just a bright smiley face or words of encouragement, I like to share. Especially if it can change a frown to a smile on just one person. 

Have a GREAT day! 

January 08, 2011

Good Morning Everyone!

When I can't find the real time to blog, I will try to post at least one thing on a positive note. I think we all can use a pick me upper.

January 07, 2011


It is so hard nowadays to remain positive. There is always something going against us no matter what. It can be tiny things that really set us back.

I say, let's all adopt a positive mental attitude and see what happens.... Couldn't hurt, right?

January 03, 2011

So many ideas and not enough time

I have so many marketing and product ideas but it takes so much time to put into it. I don't know how or where I will find the time.

Social networking is time consuming and there are so many people doing it these days that I wonder if anyone actually looks any more at any of the tweets or blogs.

I have a full time career and a family at home and it's hard to juggle all of this.

I am almost looking for someone to handle the marketing for me but who wants to pay out a ton of money when the shops I have aren't really to make a huge income off of?

I am looking for ideas. I want to hear what other sellers have to say and what has worked for them.

January 01, 2011

Getting Started

I am hoping to work on this site over the next few weeks. I plan to have a lot of DIY projects as well as links to GREAT & CREATIVE artists.

Please visit me at my ETSY and let me know what you think.

I also would love to hear ideas of how and what to do on here. I want it interesting so that I can get many followers. Social networking is very valuable for all of us.

Hang tight, there will be more to come.